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Terms and conditions

terms and conditions

– orders are binding.

– your address must be correct and complete (please check carefully).

– for orders outside switzerland, currency must be EUR (euros) or USD (american dollars), otherwise we can reject the order. please go back and check if you are not sure. all CHF prices include 8.0% v.a.t. and are only applicable for switzerland and liechtenstein.

– for international orders, only paypal payments (or bank transfer within europe) are accepted. there is a paypal cost share of 2%.

– you must not order more of the limited items than indicated. otherwise we have to refund money.

– shipping is at your risk, if you do not order with registered mail. registered mail (insured and trackable) is highly recommended (envelopes have gone lost in the past). we do not guarantee for loss of stuff that was not shipped by registered mail.

– there are two types of mail: priority (A) and economy (B):

piority is more expensive but faster (takes about 1 to 2 weeks with europe, 2 to 3 weeks overseas). we recommend priority.
economy is cheapter but takes longer (about 2 to 3 weeks in europe, 3 to 8 weeks overseas).

– please be aware that international shipping is also subject to the efficiency of the postal services in the receiver’s country. mail to the united states often takes longer than expected.

– to our swiss clients: if you pay at a counters of swiss post, add chf 2.00 for the fees.

– sepa direct debit refunds will cause cost which will have to be paid by you (EUR 10.00).

with your order you agree to these terms and conditions.

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