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geocoins » accessories

ring + string for coins with loop hole
ring (Ø 6mm) plus black string (800mm = 2.6ft) suitable for coins t..
CHF 0.15
tracking number for personal geocoin /..
tracking number (prefix PC....) with acitvation code. (no coin,..
CHF 3.75
acrylic coin box 1.6" (41mm)
coin box (inside Ø 1.6" = 41mm), thickness 9mm. including prot..
CHF 1.00
acrylic coin box 2.0" (51mm)
coin box (inside Ø 2.0" = 51mm), thickness 10mm. including pro..
CHF 1.25
pvc coin bag, 2 pockets, 53 x 55mm
foldable coin bag with 2 pockets, each okay for coins up to 2" ..
CHF 0.25
velvet coin pouch 2" = 51mm
black velvet coin pouch, suitable for coins up to 2" (51mm).
CHF 0.75